Rules & Policies

The Massage Therapists who make up MassageVB  LOVE what they do and the community we are apart of.  In order to better serve you we have rules implemented to guarantee mutual respect and benefit for both the Therapist and the Clients we serve. Please take a moment to review them:


Due to our growing popularity Credit Cards are now required in order to book appointments with our Therapists. This is not meant to alarm you.  We do not plan on having to charge your card and it is rare that we have to because of this Rule. Our appointment times are valuable to our Therapists and our Clients alike.  We are a collective of independent Massage Therapy companies and each appointment scheduled is important to us.  Requiring Credit Card numbers discourages less-than-committed clients from booking in the first place. You do not have to pay by credit card or keep a card on file after your appointment. Please know that we are vigilant about keeping your information safe and secure on our computers and through our booking software so that your personal and credit card information is always secure. 

Personal Information

The information we ask from you when you fill out the intake forms is never shared or sold.  We do require your valid information for our records because we are considered Health care in the Commonwealth of Virginia and we need to retain records of our services for your safety and ours.

Client Confidentiality

Under no circumstances will a Therapist disclose any Medical information or communication that occurs while in session to another client or Therapist unless it is deemed medically necessary or unless you fill out an authorization to release records. Client records for each appointment are digitized and kept safe within your digital file. You may set up a Login for the Therapist you would like to return to though it is not necessary for online booking. 

Cancellation/Late Arrival Policy

Each therapist has their own requirements/ procedures for adjusting or cancelling appointments. Please review them on the individual Therapists pages before booking.